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Thursday, February 9, 2012


A girl trudges along a rainy mountain path with a large dog by her side. She wears a canvas bag, and plain clothes that cling to her skin because of the drizzle. She walks slowly, not seeming to be in a rush but deliberate enough to make it clear that she has a destination already in mind. She looks weary, her eyes slightly cloudy from thinking too much, or an inability to cope with a discouraging event. 

The mountain lies directly next to a coast line. The water is a stormy grey, and waves crash against the rocky shore just violently enough to make the girl nervous. The dog is not on a leash and wanders slightly to explore the muggy surroundings but is careful not to lose sight of his owner. 

The girl gasps and stumbles as she looks ahead to see a grotesque troll on the path. He has set up camp and appears to be living directly in the direction that the girl must travel. Crude weapons lay within his reach, and his slimy skin, grunts, and harsh demeanor make it clear that he is malicious. She urgently catches the attention of her dog who runs to her side. They deliberate the situation, and try to find ways to get to the other side of the troll's station. The terrain makes it near impossible to scale the cliff on one side of the path, and the water is far too rough and cold to swim in. 

I can just be very quiet and slip through the trees, the girl thinks. But upon sign of any movement closer to the path, the troll growls, and scans the woods for any intruders through his slit eyes. The quiet approach is out. The girl can feel herself beginning to panic: she knows that they won't bode well in the rainy night if they don't keep moving. 

She and the dog move slightly towards the shore to find a safer place to collect themselves. As they settle down, she peers over a ledge of rocks and sees a pathway made of large stones that have been placed in the water to create a loop that takes them to the other side of the troll's hideaway. Thrilled, the girl carefully makes her way along the large loop unseen by the troll. The dog follows, but does not need to go on the rocks and simply stretches his torso across the gap to reach the other side and the pair continue on their way in the grey and the rain.

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