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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jeffrey William Doersch

My little brother graduated on Tuesday, whadda champ. This is the front of the card I made him for the occasion. I am happy to say that neither Jeff or I actually have teeth like that- but they are kind of cute, no?


I have become one of those people who sketch, a LOT. These sketches are from a larger sized watercolor sketchbook that I filled up within the two weeks after summer started, which I would argue were among the best weeks of my life thus far thanks to Ricky Renna and Jessica Anne. I really enjoyed having more space on each page, plus I am a sucker for the grey canvas cover that handbook uses. I'm now working on a small square sketchbook, and I now realize that small square sketchbooks are not what I prefer. Duly noted.

The butterfly...it lives!

I finished painting yesterday, which means it is time for the final steps toward absolute completion. Today I dropped off the painted pieces with the lovely folks at Status Symbol Auto Body who will put a clear coat over the whole thing to protect the paint and whatnot. Something about big, muscly car dudes telling me they like my painted sunflower butterfly ups my rating for the day by several points.

My job is now complete besides transporting everything one last time. I will be sure to post pictures of the completed, assembled butterfly as soon as I see it myself!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Summer is upon us, and I am happy to say that it looks like it will be an exciting one. I spent the first two weeks sketching like a mad woman, which you will get a peek of in a future post.

A big project that I am working on now that I'm back in Colorado is painting a giant metal butterfly for Butterflies and Friends- a program that raises money for the arts in schools. The painted butterflies are auctioned off, and then displayed throughout the Rocky Mountain area. The butterfly really is quite a doozy, but I am down for tackling something new.
My design is pretty simple: a sunflower that you see either the inside or sides of, depending on the view. The image below should help clarify things a bit.

And with that, I have taken over a small portion of my backyard. Below are the unpainted wings of the butterfly. It will of course be assembled with a stand when it is done, but I think for painting purposes laying them flat is a much better idea.

In other news, my little brother is graduating, I have freckles, and the Illustration Academy is fast approaching. Check back soon!

Keep It Cool

Go little illustration, spread cyber wings and fly!

Acrylic on illustration board- a piece addressing the emotional trauma of arctic animals.


First stab at figure painting. I thought it would be an easy transition--it's not.

Interior space

The wild world of downtown sarasota. Urban landscape, color, value, shape, simplicity, all that good stuff.

A painting that, for whatever reason, I am attached to much more so than the others.