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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Megacon Orlando!

Greetings! Last weekend I had my first con experience with the Ringling Illustration Faculty and a few students who were also part of the annual "Meanwhile" comic for this year (Look back at the whoa dub post, that was my contribution). In short, it was absolutely insane. 

We brought 7,000 comics to distribute, and ran out on the morning of the third day. Like I said, INSANE.

My favorite cosplay pic of the weekend is above: the entire Adventure Time crew and me with yellow pants. I felt star struck a little.

We had a fancy booth set up with a few cintiqs for passers-by to oogle at, plus we got to set up shop and sell prints, do commissions, all that fun stuff.

SO. MUCH. DRAWING. It felt like a weekend of hard labor: wake up hella early, draw things that people request all day, people watch the thousands of cosplayers, eat, sleep, repeat. Above are a few of the first characters I did ("Fresh" didn't sell, probably a little bit too lumpy of a venue for that kind of thing haha). 

Butters is a girl's recently deceased dog, and this Brony wanted a self portrait (crazy glasses make portraits a snap).

These girls introduced me to Homestuck, an online web comic that apparently has a good following. I guess I gotta get on that train, it was a blast to draw Gamzee and Sollux.

Of course, Mario and Peach were very popular choices. A classic.

Finally, what would a con be without POKEMON?! (nothing...it would be nothing) Ponyta is my all time favorite, and Ghastly is one cool dude.

Basically, if you haven't experienced a con, go. Just once at least. Even if it's not your scene, all of your senses will be stimulated in a totally new way. Thanks Ringling, thanks con people, thanks comics!

Friday, March 8, 2013


One of the books I am working on for my thesis derives directly from my time spent growing up in Colorado. It is turning out to be one of my favorite things I have ever done, and I'll be anxious to share more once it is complete.

Individual letterpress prints of the book's images are going to be available, so keep an eye out for that too :)

For now, here is a little snack.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fearsome Critter

Quite fearsome.

I loved making this.
Who doesn't like glowy fly farts?