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Monday, December 19, 2011

Arizona Sketches

As some of you know, Jeff and I recently took a mini road trip from ASU in Tempe back to our home in Colorado Springs. I took a similar route early this past summer, and each time I have been awe struck by the beauty of Arizona's landscapes. I know that Georgia O'Keeffe spent the better part of her career there, and I can definitely understand why. The color and contrast is what got me: deserts paired with snowy mountains, smooth and jagged shapes, I basically spent 13 hours wishing I could take perfect mental pictures of what I saw. Although I was unsuccessful on that front, I did manage to get a few sketches:

I also found a few sketches from the past two weeks that I wanted to share with all of you:

Holidays are the perfect excuse to practice some lettering :)

Yes, a real human being actually had this haircut. It was my duty to document it.

Composition has been my focus in sketching recently. I have been resistant to this idea up until now despite so many sources telling me to do so, drawing without a box is more fun. BUT - learning is all about the challenge right? Challenge: Make drawing in a box fun. And so far it has been.

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