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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Summer is upon us, and I am happy to say that it looks like it will be an exciting one. I spent the first two weeks sketching like a mad woman, which you will get a peek of in a future post.

A big project that I am working on now that I'm back in Colorado is painting a giant metal butterfly for Butterflies and Friends- a program that raises money for the arts in schools. The painted butterflies are auctioned off, and then displayed throughout the Rocky Mountain area. The butterfly really is quite a doozy, but I am down for tackling something new.
My design is pretty simple: a sunflower that you see either the inside or sides of, depending on the view. The image below should help clarify things a bit.

And with that, I have taken over a small portion of my backyard. Below are the unpainted wings of the butterfly. It will of course be assembled with a stand when it is done, but I think for painting purposes laying them flat is a much better idea.

In other news, my little brother is graduating, I have freckles, and the Illustration Academy is fast approaching. Check back soon!

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  1. sweet design! :) can't wait to see you transfer it onto those huge wings