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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Passing time

It is beautiful outside, I'm about to eat delicious bagels with shmear, and I'm waiting for mr. Ulliman. What more could I ask for on a summer morning? It's so lame but I actually just want to look like I'm doing something while I wait. So an update about the summer, my current project is painting Nancy's loom with all kinds of symbolic and meaningful imagery. I have preliminary sketches done which I might post but I should be able to start paining in the next few days which is pretty exciting. Other summer jobs will be painting vines and other foliage on the front of our shed-my moms doing-and hopefully calvins cello case. I do commissions, please let me know if you are interested! adoersch@c.ringling.edu

More to come soon wheeeee

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Location:Einstein bagels

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